Thought for the month

As I write this article, I have been selecting items to pack for a forthcoming
trip around Europe by train. The challenge has been to pack enough clothes
to survive 2 weeks into a single backpack. I now have to decide what to take
out as there is not enough space for all the items I felt I needed.
This reminds me of the time when Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs to go
and preach and teach. They had no such problems. Jesus told them to take no gold or silver, or copper in their belts, no bag for their journey, or two tunics, or sandals, or a staff. In other words, go with what you are wearing AND NOTHING ELSE. I’m not sure if my fellow travellers would appreciate me travelling like that.
However, those of us who have much need to be aware of those who have
little or even no choice in what to wear. It is a sobering thought that a huge
number of people across the world are in just such a position – of having little or nothing. Perhaps I need to review the clothes I have and give away those that I have no need of. The same for the other possessions I have where I have sufficiency and others are sorely lacking.
The commands of Jesus ring out – if one of your fellow believers has need of a cloak and you have 2, give him one. This puts into action the good news, that of a God who loves and cares for all.
Chris Prior

y:pig Sport Relief Challenge

The girls from y:pig successfully negotiated a challenge for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd March. Three teams of 3 took part in a 4 legged race over a short course around the village and Greenway. Here is one photo of the final team climbing the slope to the Greenway.

The girls have raised £130 so far. The winning team is shown below: