Thought for the month

This year May is very much between and betwixt and filled with new beginnings and potential. As I write this, just before the end of April, Easter with its joyous promise of resurrection and eternal life is just over. Just after the beginning of June, on the 9th, is Pentecost the church’s birthday. The day when the Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples and they changed from confused, anxious men into enthusiastic and confident evangelists. Peter, hitherto known for his chronic case of foot in mouth syndrome and fear, became a wise, brave leader and Thomas, who is famous for doubting the resurrection, became so earnest and enthusiastic that he spread the Gospel as far east as India and, possibly, even into India.
In between these two occasions we have, on the 9th May, the happy occasion of the licensing of Kate, our new Priest in Charge. As you will probably know we are sharing Kate with Morley and Smalley who have now become our sister churches. This opens up whole new potentialities and opportunities. Of course there are likely to be changes – as there are at any time –though I am hopeful that these will be positive rather and negative and lead to the growth and development of the church in Breadsall, Morley and Smalley.
Fran Monahan

y:pig Sport Relief Challenge

The girls from y:pig successfully negotiated a challenge for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd March. Three teams of 3 took part in a 4 legged race over a short course around the village and Greenway. Here is one photo of the final team climbing the slope to the Greenway.

The girls have raised £130 so far. The winning team is shown below: