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Bible Sunday
I remember one time, when I was living in Ethiopia, a friend and I visited some colleagues who lived “down country”. Bruce and Betty Adams had been involved in the translation of the Bible into the Woleyta language. The New Testament version was available for the first time during our visit. On Sunday we went to the local church, sat on hard benches for much longer than we would ever spend in church on a Sunday here and afterwards drank very strong black coffee with a knob of butter in. But the highlight of that visit for me was what happened next. We gave out some copies of the New Testament in the Wolayta language and I remember watching three teenage girls who were just so overjoyed to actually see something written in their own language, their “heart language”. For although they could speak and read in the national language they had never had anything which was written in their very own language before. They just sat and read and talked and smiled a lot! It was wonderful!

The Bible is so easily accessible to us, and in so many forms now. You can even get a Minecraft version! (If you don’t know what that is talk to a young person). We have lots of Bible Study aids available in book form or online. For us as Christians it is the most important book there is, for it tells us about our God and how he loves us. It tells us how to live out our lives in the light of our faith. Many of us read a passage from our Bibles each day. If you don’t already do so then it’s a good habit to get into. Don’t start at the
beginning – start with one of the gospels, the stories of Jesus. Or you could go online. I sometimes use:

Every year, in October, the Church calendar includes a specially designated “Bible Sunday” and this year it will be on October 28th. We thank God for our Bibles and the freedom we have in this country to read them when and wherever we want.


Jane Williams