Thought for the month

The New Covenant
Long before Jesus was born God made many Covenants with his people, with Noah, with Abraham, with David. He promised that he would bless them, give them land, increase their numbers. The Covenant was a promise between God and his people, a promise which God always kept and honoured but his people didn’t. God wanted his people to come to Him for forgiveness, to offer sacrifices for their sins. Every Passover the Israelites sacrificed unblemished lambs as a reminder of the night when God had freed them from slavery in Egypt, when they had fled in haste and started their journey to the land which God would give them. On that particular night they had daubed their doorposts with blood from unblemished lambs and God had saved them from death as his angel literally passed over them.
When John the Baptist encountered Jesus at the River Jordan he exclaimed
“Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” He knew
that here was the promised Messiah, the One who would, like the unblem-
ished lamb, take away our sins, make us whole and give us a right relation-
ship with God. This was the new Covenant, the promise of life abundant and
eternal with God. It was possible through Jesus. This is what Jesus achieved when he was cruelly put to death by crucifixion on Good Friday. He did it for you and for me –because he thinks we are worth it. Many thought his death was the end, that at last they were free of this radical rabbi. But we know that death was not the end. We know that on the third day he rose again
defeating death and the powers of darkness. Because of this, on East-
er morning we can join the shouts which echo throughout the world:
Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!
Jane Williams