Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness we hear of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The church will be open from 10am Friday 9th September for any who wish to remember or reflect on the life our Monarch for 70 years.

Lack of updates

A word of apology for those of you looking here for details of services. I had failed to notice that the calendar events I had created had ceased to be valid and this meant there were no services showing.

They are now in for rest of the year (subject to update for 5th Sunday, Harvest and Remembrance)


Funeral Pat Tidsall

The funeral service for Pat Tidsall will be held at 12 noon on Friday 1st July. This time replaces the previously notified times.

There will be a chance to meet with members of the family and others who remember Pat over coffee and snacks in church after the service. If you can bring something to share it would be appreciated.


Just to let you know we hope to have a full peal rung to celebrate the Jubilee – starting at 10 am on Saturday morning. 

Also to remind all – 

Village Singalong to Celebrate 70 years of

 Our Lovely Queen!

3pm in the Church on Sunday 5th of June

Followed by a bring and share tea

Drinks provided

       All welcome            !!!!!!!!!!!  

Jubilee weekend

To put in your diary:

Sunday 5th June at 3pm

Time to sing a few favourite songs followed by a bring and share picnic in the churchyard. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring chairs and food to share.

Easter Activities

A reminder of what is happening over the Easter period.


7.30pm at Smalley church – a service for the Last Supper followed by a vigil


10 – 12 Activities for children (pre-book with Jane)

10 Service at Morley followed by walk of witness to Breadsall

12 – 1 Service

1 – 3 pm Vigil at the foot of the cross


5.45 am Dawn service

10.15 Easter celebration in church

Concert Saturday 9th April

There will be a concert in church on Saturday 9th April at 7.30 pm. This will have a varied programme of choral music with an Lent/Passiontide/Easter theme sung by the church choir and friends.

Please come along and support the singers. Refreshments will be provided. There will be a retiring offering for work among Ukranian refugees.


Dear alI

I know many of you are wondering how, along with prayer, we can do our bit to help the situation in the Ukraine and the refugees coming  out. I thought I should share this with you. 
Last week in Smalley, a collection was made of consumable toiletries and delivered to a refugee charity in Derby. They welcomed people’s generosity but explained that ‘Sending food and meds across the EU is highly complex even for experts and nigh on impossible for hugely mixed loads of generous donated items. It is better to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal because they coordinate the need with items, they bulk buy and in local currency so get more for their money and support the local community who are supporting the refugees. It also relieves the storing and sorting pressures.’she added ‘I don’t like saying this as people are just being lovely and it is wonderful but i also know you want your help to get through. It is so heartwarming to see what everyone wants to do and is doing – please spread the word.’it does seem that if we want to give it is best to do so Via  the DEC and here is the link you can follow to do so.

If I may make a suggestion – rather than make a big one off payment – a commitment to a smaller monthly payment may help them plan more effectively. – there is a choice on the website to do both. Should you wish to buy the odd item (consumable toiletries) when you shop and keep at home – we hope to build links to the charity and when they have a need we can arrange a collection. But this is not the moment for donating large quantities of items.
The other thing that we can do is to make part of lent a commitment to reducing our use of gas or oil. Everyone across Europe needs to do this.  An ‘Energy Fast’ if you like for Lent – and one to take forward beyond Easter …. I’m sure many of you have started this already and will have good tips you could share about how to do it, but off the top of my head…

  1.  check that you need to travel and if you can’t do it by public transport check to see if others need a lift.
  2. put on another sweater before turning up the thermostat – or indeed put on one and turn it down. Long johns are brilliant!
  3. wear a hat inside!
  4. Check what you are buying hasn’t travelled too far – and if it has – use less of it.
  5. Eat less meat and dairy and buy local!

Yours about to sit down to a cup of sadly weak tea!

Kate (Rector)

Sunday 9th

This Sunday has Morning Prayer at 8am and an All Age Service at 1015 and also Taize at 6.30 pm

The pattern for January is running 1 week later than normal.

Sunday 2 January

Don’t forget that this Sunday, we have NO services at Breadsall. There is a shared service at Smalley at 1030. Services resume on the 9th January with Matins at 8am and All Age at 1015. The normal service pattern runs 1 week later for the rest of the month.