Thought for the month

The Derby Winter Nightshelter is now well under way. The generosity of the
Derby churches who host this, week after week, is as has been in previous
years, astounding. It is so good each year to find so many different denomi-
nations – Free church, Baptist, Anglican and Catholic – coming together to
show the love of Jesus, to demonstrate what brings us all together as Chris-
tians. We generally have approximately 30 guests at the Nightshelter, nearly all of them men. Some are new faces and some old and their reasons for being there are many and varied. There are also faces that I haven’t seen this year. My role is to greet our guests on arrival and register them on the
Nightshelter database. When I log them in I also need to check that they are
not banned (not too common an occurance) or have any messages or re-
minders to be passed on. From week one our Guest Support team are active
working with our guests and trying to get them to engage.

I see a lot in the media about the need for homes for homeless people but it
is not as easy as that. I have known of guests who have been housed, lost
that tenancy, been rehoused and yet again lost their tenancy and so on. A
tenancy is just the start. Nearly all our guests need intensive ongoing sup-
port in order to stay in a place of their own. To begin with there is furniture
needs to be found along with bedding, towels etc. Few manage to budget and again many with need assistance with forms etc as there are often issues with literacy. Patience is frequently an issue too. Many guests with have mental health issues, anger management etc etc. as many challenges and problems as you can think of and I haven’t even mentioned addiction issues such as alcohol or Spice! Nevertheless many guests are successfully re-homed every year and this continues throughout the year.

We are always asking for donations and help of this kind of course but another great asset to us are your prayers. We value your prayers greatly and everyday have concrete evidence that these work. So please continue praying the Nightshelter and our guests.
Fran Monahan

Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is subject to a complete renewal in 2019. All existing persons on the roll will need to apply to join the new roll, being prepared before the Annual Meeting. The closing date for applications for the new roll will be 17th March 2019.

Forms will be available in church shortly.


The Diocese has announced the appointment of the Rev Kate Plant as Priest-in-charge of Breadsall and Morley with Smalley. Mrs Plant will take up her post in the Spring.

Please watch for confirmation and place for her licencing, and pray for her and her husband as they prepare for the move.

Extraordinary Meeting 27 January

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the church and parish to be held at the end of the Morning Service on Sunday 27th January at around 11.30 in Church. The sole item will be to vote on a proposal to extend the maximum term for Churchwarden by 1 additional year.

Christmas Card 2018

The pupils from Breadsall School again have provided the church with a difficult choice for the cover of this year’s xmas card. We finally chose the following design by Millie – watch out for the card coming through your door in the next week or so.

To all the other entrants – thank you for your entry. We intend to have them all displayed in the church for the next few weeks.

Vacancy advertised

The position of Priest-in-charge for Breadsall, Smalley and Morley has now been advertised on the Derby Diocese website. Please pray that the right person will see and respond to this advert and that an appointment can be made in the New Year.

ypig? Weekend at The Peak Centre

Last weekend, October 5th -7th, ypig? (young people interested in God) went away to the Peak Centre at Edale and had a wonderful time. Most of us travelled up by train on Friday evening, arriving at around 8pm where Claire had already unpacked the food and prepared pizzas. After all the excitement of trying to make beds and playing parachute games it was time for bed and, amazingly, quite a lot of sleep!

On Saturday a lot of rain was predicted which was a concern as we had planned a walk and other outdoor activities. However, thank you to praying friends, the weather was actually fairly good in the morning and improved throughout the day. The walk went ahead, as did the den-building in the woods and the evening campfire. Sunday morning saw us climbing the walls – literally, before packing, cleaning up and leaving.

During the course of the weekend we spent time looking at “Who is King?”, thinking about the God of Creation and his solution to our world by sending Jesus. Many thoughtful questions were asked and our prayer is that this group would draw closer to the God who loves them.

Contactless Payments

The church now has the facility to accept contactless donations. So, if you forget your wallet, envelopes or just want to make a donation using your credit or debit card, we can accept it. Please talk to the wardens. Initially, it will only be available at the main Morning Service.

y:pig Sport Relief Challenge

The girls from y:pig successfully negotiated a challenge for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd March. Three teams of 3 took part in a 4 legged race over a short course around the village and Greenway. Here is one photo of the final team climbing the slope to the Greenway.

The girls have raised £130 so far. The winning team is shown below:


Wanted to know what y:pig is?

Ypig* is the Youth Group of All Saints’ Breadsall. We meet every Friday evening from 6pm-7.30pm, usually at Breadsall Memorial Hall, for games, crafts, challenges and Christian teaching. All young people are welcome from Year 6 upwards. Once a month there is something called “Friday Night Drop in” which is open to Year 5 children too. Check out our current programme.

* We are often asked “Why ypig?”. It stands for Young People Interested in GodAt The Peak Centre in Edale