Corona Virus

All services and activities are cancelled until further notice. No weddings or funerals are permitted in church buildings until further notice. For burials, please contact the Rector for further information.

We are continuing to pray for members and parishioners . The church is now closed in accordance with Government directives.

This Sunday’s service is now available as a podcast – see the panel at the right side of the page. Please download the words sheet first and then listen to the service.


Thought for the month

As I sit and write this, the sun is shining outside and there are a few daffodils and snowdrops bravely showing themselves in the garden. I have noticed the increasing sound of birds singing and their presence at the bird feeder. Today I was driving out in the Derbyshire countryside and was so thankful for the beauty all around. There are sheep out in the fields, buds appearing on the trees and shrubs, and wonderful views and vistas. We are so privileged to live where we do – and I don’t just mean Derbyshire, I mean in a country that has such diversity and richness in its nature. The weather we have determines this “green and pleasant land”. Of course we are often plagued by the weather, from localised flooding in recent times and hosepipe bans in the past and everything in-between. We hear on the news that “Today was the hottest day ever recorded”,- the wettest day, the snowiest day and so on. Our weather is always a topic of conversation. Yet there can be no doubt about it, our weather patterns seem to be changing and this thing we call “global warming” is affecting us here in the UK as it is affecting every part of the world.

During Lent this year our churches are going to be looking at how God has entrusted his world to our safekeeping and how we can make a difference for good. We can make excuses and say that whatever we do as individuals makes very little difference when we look at the big picture, but anything and everything we do does help. So whether you are cutting down on your use of plastic, recycling or upcycling, thinking of buying an electric car, flying less, growing your own vegetables, using more public transport – whatever it is, just go for it, because there is no doubt that we need to consume less and consume better in order to preserve this wonderful planet we call home.

Jane Williams

29 March words

All Saints' Church Breadsall

Service Sheet 29 March

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Words for 29/3

Speaker: Kate Plant
Series: All Saints' Church Breadsall
Date: 27th March 2020
Download: Service Sheet 29 March
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29 March

All Saints' Church Breadsall

Service 29 March

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A service to draw us together

Speaker: Kate Plant
Series: All Saints' Church Breadsall
Date: 27th March 2020
Download: Service 29 March
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Gwen Miller

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Gwen Miller. Gwen has not been well for the last few years but had kept all of her faculties and her faith remained steadfast. She has now moved on to meet her Saviour face to face. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

Christmas Concert

There is a concert in church this Saturday (14th December) at 7.30 pm.

The event involves members from 6 local choirs with Anne and Dana de Waal leading the massed choirs. There will be a collection at the event for the work of Project Arusha in Africa. The event itself is free admission.

Advent Groups

We are holding a series of 4 meetings during Advent to explore together what Advent means for Christians. The meetings will be held at Morley Retreat on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm, starting on 27th November with a look at the Patriarchs.

Operation Christmas Child

Many thanks to everyone who packed a shoebox with gifts for children in parts of the world where they were unlikely to receive any gifts this Christmas.

The total number of boxes taken to Chesterfield (the local centre), including those from Breadsall C of E School (35) was 51 boxes.

Electronic Gifts

To all persons who had used the ‘Goodbox’ device for cashless donations, please be aware that due to a defect in the system, all donations made before 13th October have not been processed. The unit has been replaced and is now working normally.

The supplier has made good all donations recorded by the machine and a total of £60 was raised for the Bishops Harvest Appeal in this manner.

We apologise for the issues and encourage anyone who wishes to make cashless donations to the church to use the machine again in the future. We closely monitor the device to ensure no data is lost again.

Also, please note that these donations are totally anonymous – no data regarding donor name, card number etc, is recorded.