Thought for the month

I always think of February as a time of becoming. We have been in winter and are not yet into spring but we are ‘becoming’. One of my favourite flowers is the snowdrop, those precious white tear drops that signal the return of life. I love visiting Hopton Hall in February with its precious carpets of snowdrops and can recommend this to anyone.
During February we also begin Lent, a time in the Christian calendar for reflection and, if you can do it, fasting. This is to commemorate the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness as he was becoming.
Back in December we celebrated his birth and welcomed the Messiah, God in man on earth as one of us but we sometimes forget that the baby born to Mary was just that, a baby. God allowed himself to become a vulnerable infant and that infant has grown to manhood and has now reached
the time when he is to truly become the Christ, God in man as one of us. God gives all of us free will and he gives himself as man this also. Jesus could have returned to Nazareth and continued a normal life. This is not an easy decision for anyone and Jesus wanders on his own in a conflicted
state. We know the outcome now but at the time there was no foregone conclusion. Jesus needed to think about not only becoming the Christ but what that meant for him. What kind of creature would the Christ be? He was capable of great acts of power but how should these be used? We all
know the decision he came to but at the time of his wonderings he was still ‘becoming’ and till he’d fully thought it out he didn’t know what he was becoming.
Our lives don’t have foregone conclusions either. We have complete free will. It may be an idea, no matter our age, during February, and particularly during Lent, for us to reflect on what we are becoming.

Fran Monahan

Gwen Miller

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Gwen Miller. Gwen has not been well for the last few years but had kept all of her faculties and her faith remained steadfast. She has now moved on to meet her Saviour face to face. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

Christmas Concert

There is a concert in church this Saturday (14th December) at 7.30 pm.

The event involves members from 6 local choirs with Anne and Dana de Waal leading the massed choirs. There will be a collection at the event for the work of Project Arusha in Africa. The event itself is free admission.

Advent Groups

We are holding a series of 4 meetings during Advent to explore together what Advent means for Christians. The meetings will be held at Morley Retreat on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm, starting on 27th November with a look at the Patriarchs.

Operation Christmas Child

Many thanks to everyone who packed a shoebox with gifts for children in parts of the world where they were unlikely to receive any gifts this Christmas.

The total number of boxes taken to Chesterfield (the local centre), including those from Breadsall C of E School (35) was 51 boxes.

Electronic Gifts

To all persons who had used the ‘Goodbox’ device for cashless donations, please be aware that due to a defect in the system, all donations made before 13th October have not been processed. The unit has been replaced and is now working normally.

The supplier has made good all donations recorded by the machine and a total of £60 was raised for the Bishops Harvest Appeal in this manner.

We apologise for the issues and encourage anyone who wishes to make cashless donations to the church to use the machine again in the future. We closely monitor the device to ensure no data is lost again.

Also, please note that these donations are totally anonymous – no data regarding donor name, card number etc, is recorded.

Churches Together

The first of our Churches Together services which sees the congregations of Breadsall, Morley and Smalley come together on the 5th Sunday for a joint service takes place this Sunday 30th June at 1030, for this time hosted in Breadsall. Please support this if you can.

New Rector arrives

Our new Rector, Kate Plant, has arrived and has been duly ‘installed’ by Bishop Jan at a service at Smalley Church on Thursday 9th May. She and her husband Tom and mother-in-law Jean are residing in Breadsall Rectory on Rectory Lane. Please give them a warm welcome and help them to settle in to their new life in Breadsall. As noted elsewhere, her first service will be a joint communion with our sister churches of Morley and Smalley to be held on Sunday May 12th at Morley church at 1030 am.

Her first services at Breadsall will be on Sunday 19th May at 8.00 followed by the 8.00 and 10.15 services on Sunday 26th May.

Christian Aid week

In the next weeks, we will be trialling a device that allows gifts to be made using your contactless bank card. Initially, this is to raise funds for Christian Aid. However, if this proves successful, we will consider acquiring the device for future use. Please support the Christian Aid collection as we are not aware of any door to door collections in the village this year.

Sunday 12 May

Please note that there will be NO service at 0800 or 1015 in Breadsall church on the 12 May. We are all invited to a joint service at Morley church at 1030 to celebrate Kate’s first communion with us.